01 November 2014

Sole Searching

As in SOLE plate,ha ha.

 In my last post I mentioned the plan for floor joists and how there are lots of pallet buildings to be found but all seem to use standard floor framing and pallets for other elements. I did dig deeper yesterday and eventually found this build which looks to be set on blocks about four feet apart. I am shooting for five feet but may be able to adjust that a bit if the rocky site will allow it.

I wonder how well this is holding up today?

Also from that search this image jumped out and I followed it to the Tiny Pallet House blog and see a single layer pallet floor but seems to be going on top of a trailer which doesn't match what I'm doing. A metal trailer will give much support. Here's the layout used on the trailer, I think I'll proceed with my crisscross plan and decide how stable it seems when done.

Very sadly Mr Janzen wasn't able to complete his little pallet house but he wraps up The End of the blog with solid tips for people following in his footsteps. Readers - heed his advice!

On lessons 1, 2 and 5. Having a place with free run gives me a lot less hassle but it is an hour from home so I plan my trips and time carefully. Can't just run down the block to get more screws or whatever. I keep a list on my smart phone, what to buy and load up for on the next trip.

Having already hauled 25 or so concrete blocks about 500 feet uphill into the woods means I understand the commitment well. At some point I'll be hauling a generator up there to run tools for finishing things, not looking forward to that but desiring a remote spot means overcoming the obstacles. What can be cut down at the barn will be done there, dry fitting things then going up to the site and doing final assembly.

Lesson 3 and 4, I'm starting on this floor setup as an experiment. If it isn't quality when I'm done then I'll share that, salvage anything I can, and move on with traditional joists. But if it does work out then I'll share thoughts. Either way a few hours of my experience will let others know if it is worth their own time or if they can improve upon the design.

Number 6, if my plan was to save time then I'd do it a lot differently. I can afford to run out and buy all new materials if I wanted but then I'd only be using skills I already have and not pushing my limits. Everyone has their reason for the route they take, that is part of life.

Some time I'll have to look for Mr Janzen's next blog, something tells me he isn't done with projects.

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