03 November 2014

Murphy's Law

My Sunday plan to finish foundation work and start on floor joist was a bust. 

Planning to make some cuts I loaded up the generator but wanted to fire it up before heading out. No sense in loading up everything only to find out the generator won't work, this unfortunate event has happened before, and guess what?
About the 4th tug and damned pull cord came right out! Crap, I had just replaced it because the folks at Honeywell made a nice quiet generator BUT the eyelet for the pull cord is a piece of junk. Seems it is at a poor angle and when you pull the starter cord it actually wears through the thin metal eye after about 6 uses which then cuts the cord!  

My one bad eye
Someday I'll write a HOW-TO on fixing the generator. About 2 hours later I finally got on the road. With most of the daylight gone I decided to just make it a lumber run; get the 14 foot 2x6's needed to start the frame and maybe lay things out for a perspective before starting cuts.

What else could go wrong.

While unloading the wood my truck door closed and wouldn't you know it I found myself locked out and in the middle of nowhere. Keys staring up from the seat.

3G didn't seem to be available now so I had to hike half way up the hill before the phone could Google "AAA" and once I got the website it was not fruitful. I ended up calling my wife to get the AAA phone number. Ten minutes later they tell me it will be about 3 hours before help arrives. Ugh!

Well in the meantime I cut back some of the blackberry plants - at least one item off my checklist was done. Also hauled a couple more pallets up to the build site. It does look like a work site but was too dark for a picture. After checking measurements from the Sketchup drawing it appears I need a few more feet and that a twelve inch cedar tree is in the way. Rather than cut it down I decided to rotate my plan 90 degrees. This will end up with the door being in a better place anyway.

The sun went down so I put away the lawn tractor and closed up the barn. It was getting cold and the tow truck was still over an hour away. Why don't they ever just send a locksmith for such a simple task? It was time for a warm fire.

Now if only my beer wasn't locked in the truck with my jacket :(

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