09 November 2014


Last week was such a loss but this week I made good use of time even with the days getting so short. The weather cooperated and temps stayed above 55.

Where to start?

First I'd recommend to anyone looking at a pallet project to think about sizes. There are no real standards for pallets but you'll usually find them between three to four feet per side. I should have started stacking them by size from the beginning so learn from my hindsight. I had no time constraint in collecting pallets nor any serious project at the time but I found a supply posted free on Craigslist.org and it was on the route to the farm anyway. This also meant I could be really selective, I passed on many second rate pallets and spent my effort on quality. Sure there are cracks, just the nature of working with pallets. If space allowed every now and then I'd take a junky pallet just to put on the ground and stack better things on top.
(below) Stacks and stacks in the barn but not very uniform. (right) I started measuring and chalking sizes.

I found most of my supply was 38" stringers with 44" decks. Trying to build the floor 10' x 17' I figured tripling 38" gives 114" which is half a foot shy of ten feet. Workable yes but then I found I had enough 40x44 pallets that one on each row would get me closer to my plan. Once the band of 2x6s are around the outside it should work out nicely. Not having to cut pallets will save lots of time.

Buddy came along to help today. Not much with a hammer his talents lie elsewhere. He checks out the build site and counts materials.
How to get pallets from the road up the hill? Strap three at a time to a trailer. The hard part comes in carrying them by hand 40 yards into the woods. I call that a CrossFarm workout.

Checking for a level foundation.
Joined the first two pallets and ready for the third.

Things start to get heavy at this point.

Barn and road barely visible looking down into the valley

Add another inline with the first two and a good days work hauling, measuring and screwing ends like this.

If I'd already brought up the 2x6x10 treated wood then I could have quickly done both sides of this piece and started adding a second row but there was not enough time left in the day so I'll pick up from here next time.

Back down at the road and heading home.

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