23 November 2014

More on the floor

Another day with great weather, I was able to measure and cut lumber, haul and generally screw around. Having planned to be in Florida last week worked out well since it was totally freezing at home. Decent temps prevailed yesterday but today it's pouring rain so here I am posting instead of working.

nice day for working, adding the second row here
Picked up where I'd left off by adding the 2x6 joist and outside band. After adding pallets 4 and 5 to the floor I could tell it was sturdy.

The 5th pallet was in but all the screws were used. I did some prep work drilling pilot holes for some of the hard to reach spots with an eye on making number six install easier. Still there was just enough daylight and good weather to run to the store for more screws so I did.

Wish I'd gotten an earlier start, to the reader it probably looks like I'm slow but it just takes a lot of time to strap things down and haul them uphill. Getting things level without a helper takes more time too so I'm using bar clamps to hold things in place. Also there is a lip sticking up since plywood will cover the pallet joists. I have to keep that lip even.

(above left) No problem supporting my weight at all.

(left) Blocks counterweight the floor joist while I add another pallet.

Almost wrapped but out of daylight and battery.
Coming back with more screws I added the next 2x6 so the outside band is complete for runs one and two. Got it even with the pallet and then tilted it up to level out the whole game.

As I started tacking the last pallet in place the screwdriver battery ran out completely so I had to call it a day.

Next time I will not bring the stubborn Corgi, short legs does not like going uphill much. She cost me some time. Funny though, once I got here up there she rested up and hiked her way further up in the woods just to lounge in the leaves.

I should be able to complete the third and fourth rows and thus the whole floor if we get another day with decent temps. That's my main hope before winter really stalls the project until spring.

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