15 December 2014


Last week was spent doing a final layout, marking and cutting the rafters (which are also walls for an a-frame). More tedious than anything so not much to write about.

The rafters are complex cuts since I need the angle at top cut and then also notched to accept the beam. Then the bottoms need to be cut so they are flush with the floor. Seems pretty simple but those two angles are twelve feet apart and need to be right or else I have to haul another very long board out and that is a delay on everything that I don't need.

After all that I only had time to haul the wood up to the site and then the door which is very heavy and required some improvisation to get way uphill without breaking. But I made it!

How to move a large door with a small trailer
So this weeks installment is where things start to come together, uprights and framing begin and we finally it begins to look like a cabin.

       Plenty of helpers today.                              Getting 40# sheets of plywood up the hill took some ingenuity.


I couldn't have done any of this today without a great assistant! (left)

Standing 2 x 6 lumber at an angle is no solo job. She's good with a drill too. And tying off a rope to support a frame. And lots more.

(right) A Jenga-like move to support the beam on an upended pallet and spare pallets stacked to make a work platform.

(below left) mating the rear frame up took a couple of tries.

All the bracing is temporary until next time when more wall pieces firm things up.

ready for side braces

The work site with the generator working nicely today, it'd be a bear to do all this without it.

measure twice, cut once

She got the best shot of the day.

After getting all four corners fitted with gussets it was time to close up shop.

Snow is forecast for this weekend so I can't plan too much unless that changes.