30 October 2014

Floor joists substituted with pallets

One thing I'd like to see feed back on is this plan to make the floor joists using pallets. I have scoured the internet for terms like "pallet structure" and such, I have looked at many sheds and small house designs but so far any real building projects appear to use traditional floor joists the same as standard houses are built upon. So if anyone has attempted this or has engineering knowledge I'd like to hear from you. More than likely I will just find experience and post my thoughts here later.

I found one person who built a deck in their yard but that is not the same since they had a level spot and just put pallets on the ground and decked over it. Even if this project is not very permanent I can't go with that plan. A. my site is definitely not level. B. I'd never put even treated wood right on the ground, it won't last more than two years without a problem. Considering there will be a decent weight on top of my floor I don't want to deal with rot if I can avoid it. C. by being elevated if there is any problem underneath I will be able to get to it.

So my floor will be elevated a few inches at the least and a few feet at the other end. Building on piers and trying to keep them about five feet apart as best the terrain will allow.
two layers and foundation piles
notice each layers orientation

To get pallets to be rigid I will do one layer on bottom with another on top but turned 90 degrees which I hope will be strong enough. Likely to add some 2x6 material in there if necessary. Atop the "joists" will be a layer of playwood for subflooring and should aid a little to prevent flexing.


underside with one pallet highlighted

Anyone who wants to check out the plan more can find the Sketchup file here. The three sizes of concrete blocks can be seen in the breakdown.

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