02 February 2015


With all the roofing done, or so I thought, it was time to begin covering the walls. When I first started this project I was going to cut pallet decks down to shingles and do the walls with that. I did cut some down and will use them somewhere but it would take far more pallet shingles to cover a 12' x 13' triangle than I have time to scrounge up on this project.

Nearby is a cedar mill and while the half inch siding there will cost more than pallet wood it has the wonderful benefit of being insect resistant. And the smell is very nice too. Eight foot planks are only three dollars for B grade so I'll be able to cover both walls for less than $200. Below I am getting started and you can see the flip-up roof open.

scaffold ladder is so handy!

There was a little oopsie with the Tuftex panels and that is my fault. Running out of daylight last time I had screwed down the ends but not had time to fasten across the top and it seems the wind must have gotten strong and popped the middle one out. Only a tiny piece tore off the corner that overlaps the next panel so I was able to salvage it. If it doesn't work out I can unscrew the panel and replace it with a fresh one any time. In fact the whole cabin has been screwed except for the roof, I went with the nails recommended by Ondura for their roof.

Flooring, my friend has some left overs from work and it it'll cover the whole 120 square feet then I'm all set!

I started totaling up receipts last week and if I have all of them it looks like I've topped $1000 now. Not too bad in my opinion and I'm about 90% done building, maybe $200 away from completion.

Sunday poured rain all day so until the next good weather - cheers.

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