01 January 2015

Happy 2015

Waiting to be unwrapped for a days work
I got  up early and made some progress. Also the A-frame had it's first visitors today, Nicole and Mark dropped by to check it out on their way into town. It was nice to have a bit of a break.

Report for today is that all plywood has been attached to the roof so things are looking pretty solid! On the backside I sawed  the roof so it tapers in from the top and there is little overhang at the bottom. Just an odd aesthetic thing I went with.

Here I am at the top looking down as I fasten the ply to the ridge beam. Try not to get vertigo LOL


Not much to really show in pictures just more plywood, besides it was too dark to get pictures when I called it quits for the day. After dark set in I plugged a light into the generator and was able to install the window then clean up a bit.

After all that I spent the next day looking at roofing options. Metal barn roofing seems like an obvious choice but there is a newer product that appeals to me; Ondura.

I  think cutting the vinyl-like Ondura will be better than snipping or sawing metal. The tapered roofline on the back would make for 14 noisy feet of sawing on metal and it would leave the edge to fix up some way so sharp edges wont cut people or snag things.

One additional benefit is that Ondura comes in six foot lengths so it will be easy to carry to the site and it won't bend leaving creases like tin does. Cost-wise it came in a few cents cheaper per square foot than metal roofing.

Also picked up were spray foam insulation and 30 weight roof felt.

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