13 February 2017

The Last Detail

unsightly gaps

Ever since I installed the siding there was a bit of an ugly unfinished quality to the edge which is exposed when the roof is open.

From the first look I decided this could be covered with something like a piece of gutter. I checked around the hardware store but didn't like the fancy profile on gutters made for homes and they would leave a wide gap outside where all sorts of bugs might call home.

What was called for was something with a simple look that fit tight. I checked with a metal worker next door but he didn't have a large brake, tool to bend sheet metal, so I held off hoping for someone with a good one.

Well a year has passed and no connections came through, I suppose I could have called a gutter installer and asked for two 8' sections and pay handsomely if they would bother with a small job.

Recently I signed up at Make Nashville which has a nascent metal shop and therein I caught the brake I needed. This one is only capable of doing 30" sections but this was the opportunity to finish out that last bit of aesthetic that bugged me for so so long. With a ten foot roll of aluminum, the same I had used on the awnings, I was ready to wrap this up.

After breaking bad(ly)
the finished pieces ready to load up!

First I foamed the gaps on the edge then ran a string of foam straight down the edge. Slapped on the first piece and fastened it with some fat head screws. Repeat for each piece and then adhered weather stripping all the way down so it will help seal the wall to the polycarb panel when closed. I think this really turned out well.

seal the gaps
slap on a piece
layered up
add weather strip
nice seal to the outer panel


  1. Great job and thanks for the shout out to Make Nashville. We love having you around even though you like to mess with my stuff... ;)